Part 1 Review: Lady Boss Blogger Course

May 16, 2020
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Hey y’all! I hope you are doing well during this time at home and have been enjoying the extra time on your hands. I know I have absolutely been loving this extra time to devote to my blog and Instagram account, which is something I just love doing! If you’ve been thinking about taking the leap and starting your own blog, or you are already a blogger, then this post is for you! 

As of late, I’ve been thinking about revamping my blog and going back to the basics to really understand how the blogging world works. I still consider myself a very beginner blogger and have so much to learn, so I decided to take a course from an expert to help me learn the ropes! 

Over the past few weeks, I started taking the Lady Boss Blogger course and it has been so incredible so far. Everything is broken down into simple, readable, and applicable steps and it really outlines everything that you may have questions about with examples and visuals.

I haven’t completed the course in its entirety, but I am excited to because there is so much valuable content and I can’t wait to continue learning more. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of the topics covered: 

Essentially, if you’ve ever thought about how, why, or what you should be doing when it comes to blogging, this course is for you! I’ve only completed half of the course and it has already taught me so much that I never even knew existed about the blogging world. It truly dives deep and will help you out with every single aspect you could imagine. If you want access to this amazing course, keep on reading for an amazing giveaway!


If you want to join the community of awesome, supportive bloggers and get a kickstart to your own blog, check out my Instagram page for a giveaway where you can win one of the courses for FREE! Here are the rules:

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Additional LadyBossBlogger Resources:

Thank you Lady Boss Blogger + Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post. As always, opinions are all my own. 

Have a happy day!

XOXO, Hannah:) 

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