Las Vegas Travel Guide

January 26, 2020

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing about my recent trip to Las Vegas to let y’all know about the best places to eat, what to do, where to stay + money-saving tips/tricks. If you are headed to Vegas anytime soon, keep on reading!

Where to Stay

  • Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
    • We stayed here for a few days of our trip and loved it! It’s in a prime location right in the middle of the Strip so there are a multitude of activities and sights to see just a few minutes walk away in either direction. The room itself was quite nice and we were fortunate enough to have a room with a view of the Eiffel Tower, which was absolutely stunning.
  • New York New York Hotel and Casino
    • We also stayed at this hotel for one night because the Paris hotel was completely booked on our last night so we just made a quick switch to New York, New York. This hotel is located on the end of the Strip so the location isn’t as prime as Paris; however, it is cheaper and the room was VERY large. If you are going with a bigger group, this hotel would be a good option because of how spacious the room is and the cheaper price tag. It was still very nice, just not as close to the main attractions on the Strip.

What to Do

  • Visit the Bellagio Conservatory
    • The Bellagio is famous for their extravagant displays in their conservatory that truly spares no expenses. This is always changing based on the current season or upcoming holiday and when we went, Chinese New Year’s was just around the corner so the decor was beautifully created in celebration. Everything was made of fresh flowers, which was heaven for me and every part of the place was quite spectacular. These pictures don’t do it justice.
  • Bellagio Fountain Show
    • After checking out the conservatory, head outside to watch the infamous fountain show. This show features a beautiful display of waters dancing and it’s one of those things that are much better seen than described. We watched this twice, once during the day and once at night and I would definitely recommend watching this at night as the lighting effects add an extra pizazz that makes the show even better! The show runs every 30 minutes from 3-8 pm M-F and every 15 minutes after 8 pm- 12 am. Honestly, this happens quite often everyday (including weekends) so don’t stress too much about making it at a certain time.
This is where the fountain light show occurs!
  • Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace
    • This hotel has just about everything you could imagine. They boast a large array of stores for all your shopping dreams with a wide range of high end to the regular retail stores. (There is a 2 story Altar’d State!) You could spend hours browsing all the different shops and everything they have to offer. There is also a fascinating aquarium and the Fountain of the Gods which has stunning architecture and makes for a great photo op!
  • Hoover Dam
    • The Hoover Dam is definitely a must-see sight if you come to Vegas. I would suggest joining a tour if you aren’t renting a car as it makes it very convenient and easy to hop on and off without worrying about where to park/how to get there. The dam itself is such an amazing feat and learning about what went into building this giant masterpiece was pretty interesting. Plus, you really can’t beat the stunning views. Tip: Backpacks are not allowed so try to bring as little as possible with you when you go to the dam.
  • Watch a Show – we saw the Blue Man Group!
    • Las Vegas is known for the abundance of amazing shows offered everyday. There is a wide range from amazing acrobatics in Cirque du Soleil to comedy specials to interactive shows like the Blue Man Group. We saw Blue Man and were not disappointed! They really performed a highly entertaining, hilarious and interactive show where there was never a dull moment. I would highly recommend this for anyone – this show is definitely family friendly and great for ALL ages! We even got to meet the Blue Man after the show and take pics!

What to Eat

  • Buffets
    • Along with all the other attractions Vegas offers, one of the main things they offer is a large assortment of extravagant buffets. Pretty much every hotel has their own buffet and there are SO many to choose from. We did quite a bit of research to find the best one and decided to try out Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace. This buffet has over 10k 4 star reviews and after eating there, I know why. There is a large variety of food from Asian to American to Italian to Mexican and it doesn’t end there. The dessert section alone could easily fill up your stomach because there are just SO many. They offer king crab legs, wagyu beef, prime rib, lobster Mac n cheese, smoked salmon and sushi, just to name a few. Tip: get there early before you would like to eat as there are typically long lines and you may have to wait for a while before actually going in. Also, if you start eating at 2 pm, then you can stay until 3 pm when they bring out the dinner food, so you can try both the lunch and dinner menus while paying the lunch price! This was definitely a splurge meal so this is a way to save some cash while getting the best of both meals!
  • Chinatown
    • The Chinatown in Vegas is quite large and offers tons of restaurants to quench any cravings. We went to a place called 88 Noodle Papa which has Hong Kong style cuisine and it was delicious! We ordered various noodle dishes, Hainanese chicken and some Chinese broccoli and everything was absolutely scrumptious and reminded me of the food in Hong Kong. Would definitely recommend this place. Afterwards, we had to stop by Sweet Honey Dessert, for a sweet treat! Would also highly recommend this place for dessert!
  • Bruxie
    • This place is home of the ultimate fried chicken if you are craving some real authentic chicken! It has over 4k 4 star reviews so we knew we had to try it out for our last meal in Vegas and we were not disappointed. The chicken was breaded not too heavily and there was the perfect amount of crispiness and crunch. I would recommend getting the waffles and chicken versus the chicken sandwich, but everything still tasted great. I also tried the dessert waffle with bananas and Nutella; this was pretty standard, good but nothing amazing!

I hope you found this helpful for your next visit to Las Vegas! Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions in the comments or on Instagram @turquoiseandtulips

Have a happy weekend!

XOXO Hannah:)

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