Holiday Gift Guide 2019

November 18, 2019
  1. Waffle Maker: This waffle maker is so adorable, comes in multiple colors and would be perfect for any foodie friend!
  2. Stainless Steel Tumbler: I have a stainless steel mug just like this and it is truly the best for keeping drinks really hot and these are also so cute!
  3. Sherpa Blanket: I have this blanket and let me just tell you how SOFT it is! Sherpa jackets/hoodies are all the craze right now, and for good reason, so why not have it in a blanket form?! Comes in multiple colors and seriously the softest/coziest blanket anyone would love.
  4. Teddy Zip Up: Speaking of sherpas, here is one that I recently purchased and I have literally been LIVING in it. I wear it almost every single day once I get home and change into my comfy clothes. It’s incredibly soft and I love that it zips all the way up the neck. The price is SO affordable!
  5. Memory Foam Slippers: Ok you guys, I just bought my first pair of memory foam slippers and I don’t know how or why I never owned a pair before. Trust me when I say anyone would love these, especially in the colder weather!
  6. Holiday Mug: How adorable and festive is this mug?! Fill it with some hot chocolate packets and marshmallows for a really simple and yummy gift!
  7. Scarf: Who doesn’t love a cute, warm scarf! This one comes in tons of colors and has an endless amount of raving reviews, plus they are less than $13!
  8. Candle: This candle is literally my favorite scent of all time; it’s called Panjore Lychee and it smells HEAVENLY. The candle itself lasts for an incredibly long time and the scent truly fills the room. There’s a huge selection of scents to choose from and they all come in this adorable glass container that doubles as decoration.
  9. Pom Pom Beanie: Beanies are a must for the cooler temps and pom pom beanies are always a classic. I tried these on in the store and wanted one in every color. So stretchy, soft and fit really well! Also, can’t beat the price (only $5!)
  10. Mario Badescu Facial Spray: I have used these facial sprays for over a year now and have every single flavor because I love them so much! They leave your face feeling so refreshed and all smell amazing.
  1. JBL Portable Speaker: This speaker is SO GOOD. My brother, sister and I all have one because it’s seriously such great quality speakers for the price. It’s super small and portable but the sound doesn’t suffer at all.
  2. Wireless Phone Charger: This wireless charger has over 17,000 four to five star reviews. That’s when you know it’s good! Also, it’s only $12.99!
  3. Fleece Half-Zip: This half-zip from Uniqlo comes in tons of colors and is less than $20! My whole family has clothing from Uniqlo and we love everything because it’s the best place to buy cold-weather clothes. This zip-up will keep you warm and toasty for sure! Pro-tip: sign up for their email list to get $10 off!
  4. Sperry Sneakers: My brother and dad both have tons of shoes from Sperry and they are seriously the best quality! They have lasted for so long and are crazy comfy (I also have Sperry’s and love them!). These ones come in 5 colors and are on major sale for only $31! Use code EARLY for the extra 30% discount + shipping is always free.
  5. Bluetooth Smart Beanie: This beanie has built-in sneakers that can stream music or calls from your cellphone through bluetooth! How cool is that?! Keep those ears warm while still being able to listen to your music! Plus, it has over 1k four to five star reviews and comes in tons of colors!
  6. Minimalist Wallet: This wallet is super slim and convenient to carry around in pockets and is less than $10!
  7. Flannel Button Up: This classic button up is a flannel material so it’ll be extra warm! Comes in many colors and currently on sale!
  8. Ralph Lauren Polo: A classic polo is always a good way to go and this one is currently on sale from $99 down to $28! This is a crazy good sale so be sure to purchase quickly before sizes run out! Just add to your cart and the extra 30% off will be automatically applied!
  9. Champion Hoodie: This hoodie is half off right now (only $22!) but only for the next 2 days so go go! Comes in tons of colors and crazy good reviews!
  10. Portable Charger: Everyone could use a portable charger and this one doubles as a flashlight too! Less than $20 and 1k four-five star reviews!

I will be adding more to this master list every week (for him, for parents, etc) so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out out!

Happy holiday shopping!

XOXO Hannah:)

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