Canada Travel Highlights

September 6, 2019

Hey y’all! This is long overdue but I am finally sharing more from my amazing trip to Canada. We were there for about 1.5 weeks and got the chance to hang out with relatives, eat delicious food and explore the beautiful scenery. Not to mention that the weather was GORGEOUS. It was in the 60-70s all day and it made me want to twirl around outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Instead of doing an entire post on everything we did, I thought it might be more helpful to just highlight the best activities and what I would recommend doing in each different city. We wanted to see a little bit of everything so we decided to road trip from Toronto to Quebec City and make stops along the way. Here’s some of the best highlights:


  • Downtown Toronto is the place to explore, grab a delicious bite to eat and shop till you drop! We went to the Eaton Center, which is a large shopping mall with close to 250 retailers that offers everything from makeup to clothing to food! You could definitely spend a extensive chunk of time here and if you get hungry, simply grab a snack or meal at one of the many restaurants. We decided to try this adorable pastry shop called Danish Pastry House and were not disappointed. They offer a great selection of unique pastries that will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth craving. Also, if you want a full on meal, they have an entire “Food District” with several restaurants offering cuisine from many different ethnic backgrounds.


  • Parliament Hill is a must see in the capital of Canada. This hill is home to the federal government and is where the Prime Minister works. We just made a quick stop here to snap some photos and enjoy the scenery; however, there are free tours offered where you can explore the inside of both the Senate and House of Commons. Not only is the architecture beautiful, but the elevation of the hill provides a great view of the Ottawa River and downtown.


  • 1000 Islands Cruise is the best way to explore the thousand islands. We hopped on a boat tour that took us around many of the most popular islands and shared enchanting stories about the history of the islands. There is also a beautiful castle that you can explore that has stunning architectural features. While riding the cruiser, you’ll be mesmerized by the views from all around that were absolutely breathtaking.


  • Montreal Botanical Garden is absolutely STUNNING. If you like flowers, I promise you’ll be in literal h e a v e n. This venue is extremely large and boasts multiple gardens each with its own theme so every place is its own little paradise. The entire garden is quite large so you could easily spend 3+ hours to explore all of it. Aside from flowers, there’s also cute animals such as ducks and sheep casually roaming around the beautiful scenery. There are so many picturesque places that every corner you turn, there’s a new photo opportunity!

Quebec City

  • Breakneck Steps is a quaint area with an abundance of food, shopping and scenic views, located at the bottom of a tall staircase. This area was so adorable and had this stunning umbrella display hanging above our heads as we roamed throughout the small town, sampling fudge and eating maple toffee ice cream (a MUST).
  • Quebec Observatory Tower is a great place to go to see 360 views of the gorgeous city. You can go to four different areas of the building and admire the city from above.

Hope you guys are having a great week!

XOXO Hannah

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